This is our most popular choice for a reason; full customization!



How the process works

  1. You sign up for a free consultation and you meet with Bri!
    During this time we will meet via zoom or in person to discuss the space you are wanting to bring alive, your color scheme, your likes and dislikes and the overall vibe you hope to bring to your space.
  2. Bri’s work begins
    Bri will create a general mockup of what your space will look like, begin creating art just for you. You can be as involved in this process as you want, if you would like to approve each piece of artwork, great. If you would like to be surprised by seeing the collection in its entirety, that’s great too!
  3. Bri and her team will come to your home to install your collection.
    The team at Bri Hill Creative is highly professional, and will install each piece of art. Currently we are only serving clients in Colorado with some limited availability to the Kansas City region but if you are interested, reach out, we travel often and could potentially make it work geographically.

This package covers approximately 8’ of wall space and includes a minimum of 9 individual pieces of art.

The Custom Curated Gallery Wall Package begins at $5,000.


Types of Work that could be included;
  • Pet Portraits
  • Aerial Landscapes of plots of land that are meaningful
  • Family Photos revamped
  • Line drawings of wedding photos
  • Line drawings of a pet
  • Individual line drawings of loved ones
  • Paintings of wedding bouquet
  • Painting of childhood home
  • Integration of a loved one’s piece of clothing
  • Abstract landscapes
  • Geometric paintings
  • Maps of special places
  • Paintings of vacation spots
  • Lettering of favorite quotes




I have a piece of art that I love, could you create a collection based on it?
Absolutely! I love to work based on art you already love. The best part is that your existing art will only add volume to your gallery wall, so the full collection will take up a larger space.


I don’t live in Colorado, can we still work together?
Maybe! If you don’t live in Colorado, still reach out, we could potentially ship work or since we travel often, we could possibly schedule you into our plans.


How fast can you get this done?
We currently have about a two week turnaround but this is subject to change. Make sure you communicate any special timelines we should know about.


Is there a way to get this look but not invest as much?
Yes and no, we have some beautiful pre-packaged collections available, but they are not customizable or installed.


I like the look of a grid style gallery wall, can you do those?
I love a gorgeous grid-wall and I have extensive experience with them, we can absolutely do that!


Is each piece of art framed?
Yes and no, each piece of art is ready to be hung on the wall. In our consultation we will discuss different finishing options. Most typically clients like for there to be a - variety of textures on pieces. This can include:
- Matting and frames behind glass
- Finished canvas
- Framed Canvas
- Scroll type canvases
- Resin finish (this is a Bri Hill Creative signature, gives a modern glass like surface)


What if I don’t like your art?
Don’t worry your pretty little head! If you have taken a look at my work and I’m not your thing, no worries, art is a personal experience. If you are interested in our team curating art from other artists to create your gallery wall, reach out.


Can you include family photos into the gallery wall?
Yes, please! We love a cool vintage photo added in. We can talk about the details of this in our consultation.


Can you include my kid’s art into the gallery wall?
Absolutely! I love the look of this so so much!


Is each piece original?
Every piece I make is either fully original or a hand treated print. So no other human out there will have a piece exactly like yours!